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Internal Revenue Service

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California Franchise Tax Board

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California State Board of Equalization

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California Employment Development

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U.S. Department of Labor

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Social Security Administration

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San Luis Obispo County Property Tax Information

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I recognize that proper tax planning is the cornerstone to minimize the burden of tax preparation and filing, with an over whelming purpose to minimize tax liabilities.   My commitment to thoroughly understand each client’s detailed tax information, combined with technical expertise in the tax codes and taxing authorities, produces a foundation for developing innovative tax solutions.  Creative tax-planning programs are designed to meet the client’s exact financial needs and objectives.


My services include:


          Individual and Business tax planning

          Individual Federal and State income tax returns

          Businesses Federal and State income tax returns




          Limited Liability Company (LLC)

          Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

          Estate tax returns

          Trust tax returns

          Gift tax returns

          Amended tax returns

          Representation for Audits and Examinations

          Electronic filing

          Sales tax compliance